Having lost a projectional £23 million pounds in business between 1996-2000  (GOLFER'S CHRONICLE 2002) and (COMMUNITY CARE 2003) Both these articles validify my claims to having lost this amount...The journalists needed proof of my claims and contacted my Briefs and Accountant for their references.
I became a chronic alcoholic. My drinking started to help block out my feelings of despair and to aid my sleeping pattern back to normality. Sadly, it only made things worse. Instead it only intensified my intentions of redress and fueled my anger, and thoughts of revenge on my perpitrators. Within this time I was stabbed on four occassions, had three tumour operations and a bursted duodenum (through drinking). I have scars from being slashed with blades and beer glasses and a twelve inch scar the length of my abdomin after the aforementioned duodenum operation. Over 30 scars in all. 14 on my head alone. People say it looks like a map of the London Underground! My right hand alone has been broken on at least 15 occasions, through fighting and smashing all manner of objects to pieces in hell bent rages!

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I successfully sued those responsible for my company's demise and was offerd a very lucrative award by the Newport courts early in 2000. I was quite satisfied with the award because (irrespective of my chronic addiction to alcohol) it would enable me to get my life back into some kind of shape and pay off my accumulating debts. On the day of my payment, I made a call to my debtors only to find that they had absconded leaving me unpaid and penniless. A little time later I lost my home and was forced to stay on the streets where the only friend I had left was a cheap bottle of plonk. I slept at bus stops and railway stations for a while before I decided to go back north to Warrington to get a shotgun and murder the three men responsible for destroying my business..

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I hooked up in a hostel where I met 15 men, all alcoholics. We spent our time sat around "Rug Rat City", a place for the hostels drunks. We would sit around morning, noon and night drinking all manner of highly potent alcohol. Often we would share our "hard luck" stories with each other, which brought a deep feeling of vindication within us all. Nobody understood us but ourselves. There was often fights between us when we got overloaded with drink. There wasn't a week went by without several of us ending up in police cells or hospitals for violent crimes or with severe injuries. As the months slipped by men died off. Some through suicide by hanging or drownding in the river Mersey. Others died through drink or drug overdoses. One of my friends actually murder my other friend in a fight. He strangled him to death. Sadly, I found another friend frozen to death on a park bench in the middle of town, clutching onto an empty bottle of vodka.

Whilst all this was happening around me there wasn't a minute went by without me planning my strategies to shoot and kill those responsible for robbing my business. One evening I sat with two guys from the City. We were drinking hard and I told them of my plans. This was the night. I went into a rage and tried setting off to get the shooter from an old friend in Widnes. I poured another drink just to block out any normal feelings of sanity. Upon leaving the house I was crowded in by police. There was several police cars outside my friends property. I was furious and bagan to threaten them with murder. I was escorted into the middle car. After a short journey they surrounded me and lead me through some brightly lit doors. "police station" I thought.

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It was actually a Psychiatric hospital. I was doped up with Stellazine, an anti-psychotic drugs and locked in a room. The following morning I was interviewed for several hours by psychiatric doctors. When I told them my story they thought I was delusional and detained me for medical reports. A brain scan revealed that I had irrepairable damage on the withered spheres in my brain. It was put down to acute amounts of alcohol and knocks on the head. After a few weeks the reports where gathered by doctors from my legal team and a Christian minister. When the doctors read the reports they were astonished by their findings. I was telling the truth all along. After a lengthy meeting they decided to let me go on two conditions. That I promised not to commit murder and remained on my medication.

Well, with most of my City friends dead or in prison, I was left to drink alone, still intent on murder. My mind was awash again. I didn't know where I was half the time or where I was going. It was apparent that I had severe brain damage and disorders. However, one evening I had excruciating pain in my abdomin and rivulets of dark blood began to pour from out of my mouth. I drove to a minister friends home (drunk) drinking a bottle of vodka and he immediately took me to hospital.He told me that I was dying and to forgive the men who cost me everything. "No chance" I said "I'm gonna murder them!" I made my way to the window and watched the snow falling. It was Christmas day 2001. I stood there for a while clutching on to a spittal tray, which was full of blood. My blood. It was then that I heard a still small voice telling me to "forgive those who had destroyed me". Again I refused.Then I heard the words deep inside of me, "Then you'll die"... I made my way back to my bed and sat there. I became scared of what awaited me. Heaven... Hell...! "Well, I wasn't quite ready for heaven and no way was I prepared to go to hell." I had to act fast."Ok, Ok... I'll forgive them, I thought. Just let me live...!" My operation went well and I left hospital some ten days later. The first thing I did when I got out was buy some beer! I opened it... took a huge drink and it didn't taste the same and from that day never did.

Now all that was over ten years ago. I have remained a non addict within this time. HEALED by FORGIVENESS. My inabilty to "forgive" held me a captive... A slave... This by it's very nature perpetuated HATE, REVENGE and when fully grown would have given birth to MURDER! THE TRUTH SETS US FREE!! Since my healing, I have written two books (please see "BOOKS" on my website) and go to speak at schools and youth prisons. I also give testimony at FGB UK and many churches throughout the country and overseas. I have appeared on many radio shows and do book signings regularly for Waterstones both in the UK and overseas.   

I had a secondary brain scan last year to see if the damage had deteriorated over the years since the last one. The doctor studied the original scan in depth and at length. He then perform the usual eye to nose co-ordination process then asked me to draw infantile things on pieces of paper whilst he studied them also. Several cats, dogs, and mice later he looked rarther quizzed by what he saw and read in relation to what he had witnessed on my scan. Gradually he took out my new scan and went over it rigourously, almost trying desperately to find at least something. He showed me the damage from the older one... Then with some reluctance revealed the findings on the newer x-rays. He was stumped. My brain was completely, physiologically normal... NO withers or deterioration... HEALED...

£23 million losses - Stabbed 4 times - 3 tumours - bursted stomach (hours to live) - chronic alcoholism - miraculous brain regeneration -   

                                                   I AM THE MIRACLE - MAN * THAT GOD WOULDN'T GIVE UP ON!

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